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Event planning and event rentals requires a great deal of creativity, trend knowledge, and a hint of artistic insight.  Here at All Miami Event Rentals we are well prepared to meet all of your formal and elegant event needs.  From our always current equipment, to our staff, to our experience, to our work ethics, we are committed to delivering top of the line service that exceeds your expectations.  We take pride in turning dreams into reality.  Over the years we have demonstrated expertise and reliability in wedding rentals and event rentals.  One of our greatest goals is to show ourselves true to our commitment of making every event unique and memorable and to present ourselves always current, always adaptable, always understanding to our client???-™s needs and aspirations.



Why does experience matter?  Ask a car mechanic who has switched out the wrong part by mistake, or a doctor who has confused the diagnostic.  Everyone is a knowledgeable in their field, but experience is what makes a good company, GREAT.  Everyone knows the topic in concept, but experience allows you to see things in advance, to avoid common mistakes, to escape possible pitfalls, specially in the event rentals and weddings rentals world.  All Miami Party Rental, commonly known as All Miami Event Rentals has been in business since the year 2008, something that is not too common in our industry.  Throughout the years we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and we can proudly say we know the market, we know the logistics, and most importantly we understand PEOPLE.  This business is not about equipment, it is about people.  So does it matter to have experience?  You judge for yourself.    



As a company that has been in business for over a decade, needless to say we have had to make a lot of changes throughout the years.  A lot of things change in 10 years.  The trends are not the same, the styles are not the same, the furniture changes, you get the point.  The only way All Miami Party Rental has consistently thrived throughout the years is by being adaptable, by being teachable, by constantly continuing to learn.  The event rentals community has drastically changed over the years.  Wedding rentals is undoubtedly a never-ending process of reinventing and renovating.  This includes our inventory of course, but most importantly the way people see life, the way people expect to receive services. 



Business in general has evolved in the last 10 years, from simply a concept of inventory and service, to a much more personal approach, that has more to do with experience and heart.  People want not only to receive a service, but to receive it pleasantly, to have a good social experience as they do.  The event rentals and wedding rentals industry is no different.  This is why here at All Miami Event Rentals we intend to provide a pleasant experience from beginning to end, without ever sacrificing product quality, professionalism, and reliable helpful knowledge of our profession.


Wedding rentals are not to be taken lightly; after all this could very well be one of the most if not the most memorable events of your life.  We know this, and therefore we are devoted to putting in our utmost effort to ensure your satisfaction.  We decided to enter the formal event rentals world because we found that there is not better feeling than seeing people write the stories of their life and to be able to be a part of these special moments.  Over the years we have been a critical part in making many of these memories come to pass.  We have seen the tears of joy, the warm embrace, and the rush emotions.  We would never miss out on this; this is why event and wedding rentals is so particularly special to us.



So you are probably asking yourself, ???-cOk, I???-™m tracking with you, but is upscale events all you do????-?  Let me start by saying that wedding rentals, event rentals, and upscale events is just part of what we do.  We do countless of activities with just the same emphasis and enthusiasm as weddings.  From birthday parties, to funerals;  from baby showers and gender reveals to graduations; from social gatherings to corporate events, you name it.  We do it all.  But regardless of what kind of event you are having, whether a classy upscale wedding or a casual yet stylish backyard gathering, ensuring you put yourself in the right hands can be the difference between success and disappointment.  



At All Miami Party Rental, we know fun, but we also know class, style, and elegance!

That being said, we know that a great event doesn't have to break the bank! For your convenience, we're proud to offer a variety of packages at a discount. For less than the price of renting the items individually, you can have the complete package - just another way we help make your event memorable, unique, and stress-free.

At All Miami Party Rental, we specialize in producing high quality events.  Our services include Wedding Rentals, formal event rentals, and all sorts of elegant events.  We are committed to offering the greatest quality and a pleasant experience from beginning to end.

For more information or to make an order, give us a call! We'd love to hear from you!

You're welcome, Miami.

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