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Event Tents - White Tents


Event Tents - Clear Tents 


So you're looking for a tent. The first thing that comes to your mind might be "How big a tent would I need for my event?" Well, luckily for you, throughout our experience at All Miami Party Rental, we've determined which size tents correspond to which number of guests - so you can enjoy stress-free planning.  

Tent Sizes (ft)

Seating Capacity 

10'  Tents

Tent Sizes (ft)

Seating Capacity 

15' Tents

Tent Sizes (ft)

Seating Capacity 

20' Tents 

Tent Sizes (ft)

Seating Capacity 

30' Tents 

Tent Sizes (ft)

Seating Capacity 

40' Tents 

10x10  -  $100

15x15 - $160

20x20 - $200



10x20 - $160

15x30 - $225

20x30 - $300



10x30 - $225


20x40 - $400





20x50 - $ 500




20x60 - $600

















100 People   

Tent Accessories

Leg Drapes

Tent Sidewalls - [Plain, Windowed, Clear]

Tent Liners 

Water Barrels w/ Covers 

Red Carpets 



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Spandex Cocktail Tables 


White Lounge Furniture

7 Pcs $400

5 Pcs $300 


LED Cocktail Tables 


Wine Barrel Vintage Table $120

Farm Tables and Crossback chairs - Tables $85

Tables and Crossback chairs 

Resin Chairs - All Colors

Chiavari chairs - All Colors

Crossback Chairs - $8.00

Chiavari Barstools - Silver/Clear - $14

LED Cubes 

Barn Furniture Set 




LED Acrylic Bar 

White Acrylic Bar

Black Acrylic Bar

Black Plastic Bar

Table Top Bar - White or Black



Crystal Chandeliers 

Bistro Cafe Lights


Eight Bulb Light Sets

LED Uplights


Tableware, Glassware, Flatware, and Charger Plates


All Miami Party Rental can also assist you with your tableware, flatware, and glassware needs for your next dinner engagement.  We provide plates for dinner, dessert and salad.  Cutlery in gold and silver.  Glassware including wine glasses, water goblets, and champagne flutes.


And last but not least, table coverings, linens and runners, charger plates, napkins, center pieces, floral arrangements, chaffing dishes, and other creative decorative pieces for your table to look great.




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Dinner Tables and Cocktail Tables, where food goes, tables follow.

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Round Tables
Great for weddings, showers, or any other formal occasion where elegance is required and food will be served, our 60" circular tables seat 10 each.

As these tables are functional, yet plain, we recommend folding chairs and stylish cloth linens to add a nice, colorful accent to your event.

Rectangular Tables
Great for buffets, dinners, birthday parties, or any occasion where food will be served, our rectangular tables come in two sizes: 6' and 8', seating 8 and 10 individuals, respectively.
As these tables are functional, yet plain, we recommend folding chairs and stylish cloth linens to add a nice, colorful accent to your event.

Round Wooden Cocktail Tables - While most of your guests will prefer to sit, they all won't like to remain seated for the entire event! Lucky for you, All Miami Party Rental has your solution - cocktail tables. Each one stands 42" high with a 36" diameter.

Great for both drinks and hors d'oeuvres, our sturdy cocktail tables provide stability for your guests' food and drink and mobility for their enjoyment.

Kid's Sets - 1 kid table w/ 6 kid chairs
Consider seating arrangements for your children at your next event. These tables allow children to sit together with their friends and enjoy an easily supervised meal without disturbing the adult side of the party. Seating capacity is 6 chairs per table. Great in combination with our kid's chairs, shown below.

Chairs - because guests like to sit down.

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White Samsonite Folding Chairs
You won't find a better deal on these standard folding chairs anywhere in Miami. A staple at birthdays, get-togethers, and other events, they are also an economical alternative for birthdays, baby showers, and other more elegant events if used in combination with our stylish chair covers.

Resin Folding Chairs

The Resin style is not only an elegant choice, but with its casual relaxed look it is one of the favorite styles available - a favorite in weddings, anniversaries, and any occasion where elegance is a must. That being said, for any occasion where a bit of grace, comfort, and style are desired - Resin chairs are your best choice. 

Chiavari Chairs

Colors: White, Gold, Mahogany, Natural, Silver, Clear Acrylic 

For ultimate elegance and sophistication, chiavari chairs are the way to go.  Chiavari chairs stand out, they shine, they glow, and they make everything around them shine too.  A one of a kind that never goes out of style.

Chiavari Barstools

Colors: White, Gold, Silver, Clear Acrylic 

For ultimate elegance and sophistication, chiavari chairs are the way to go.  Chiavari chairs stand out, they shine, they glow, and they make everything around them shine too.  A one of a kind that never goes out of style.

Baby/Bridal Shower Chair

For your special day, sit at the center of the show and feel comfortable at the same time! Our wicker shower chair is a stylish, practical way for the new bride/mother-to-be to sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

Having a wedding soon? All Miami Party Rental can help. Check out our wedding accessories here (link).  


Wedding Archs

 Wooden Pergolas and Metal Frames

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Tent Rentals for any occasion!! Wedding, Birthday, Corporate Events, you name it!





Here at All Miami Party Rental, we offer tent rentals for any occasion.  Whether it is a wedding tent, a party tent, or a nice and neat white tent for your next backyard gathering; we can produce the kind of quality service that you are anticipating.



We are always extremely careful with our tent set ups.  Carefully anchoring down all our tents to ensure a safe and pleasing experience for you and your family, free of any accidents or mishaps.  One of the most important things about tent rentals is the ability to secure all equipment properly.  With 14 years of experience, you can rest assured that All Miami Party Rental won???-™t disappoint you in this.



Here at All Miami Party Rental, we are well known for being a one stop shop.  Producing any event from the ground up, from beginning to end, and providing all the equipment necessary to produce the event.  Tent rentals is usually accompanied by table and chair rentals, so if that???-™s what you???-™re needing, we will be glad to accommodate.  We offer a great variety of chairs and tables, so feel free to choose which one suits you best.



Tent liners come in different fabrics and styles.  We specialize in white tents as well as clear tents and would be more than happy to assist you in selecting which style better fits your need, according to your personal taste and event specifications.  White tent rentals are generally more popular for daytime and casual events, while clear tent rentals are usually a great option for nighttime and elegant events.  Not to mention, they look great with lighting, which we can also provide.



Tent sizes may vary according to the size of your event and the spacing available, but whatever your particular need we can surely accommodate.  With a wide variety of sizes, All Miami Party Rental specializes in tent rentals for any capacity.  In the end, the size tent you need depends on the number of guests attending and the nature of your function - whether it's a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or a cocktail gathering, for instance. Should you require a tent size you don't see in the chart located below, give us a call at 786-991-5072 and we'd be happy to assist you! 



As with anything, tent rentals also have certain procedures and specifications that need to be kept in order to ensure successful set up.

Number 1.  Please make sure you have enough clear space for the tent you are requesting.  For example, if your tent is 20x20, ensure that you have at least 2???-™ of additional clearance on each side to avoid inability to install your tent.

Number 2. Make sure your area doesn???-™t have any tree branches, telephone cables, or any other obstacles that might impede us from erecting the tent.

Number 3. Securing tents properly is a priority.  Communicating to your sales associate about your ground conditions is essential for ensuring a successful and safe set up.  If your tent will be set up on grass, anchoring will be done using steel anchors into the grass.  However, if your tent will be set up pavers, concrete or asphalt we will use water tanks, but regardless rest assured All Miami Party Rental will do a job well done.  We highly believe in professionalism and quality, specially when it comes down to tent rentals and event rentals. 

In many cases we can install the tents one or two days prior to the event - just another way All Miami Party Rental irons out the kinks. You're welcome, Miami! 



Our tents can be accompanied with many different accessories.  Don???-™t forget to as us about lighting if your event will be in the evening.  Also, if you would like to greatly improve the look on your tent, consider adding leg drapes to elevate the glamour and elegance of your event overall.  Tent rentals doesn???-™t have to be basic and monotonous.  Feel free to add your own touch of style by taking advantage of all of our great tent accessories.



One of the things we take most pride in here at All Miami Party Rental is in the quality of our service and the condition of our equipment.  Our tents are maintained on a rental to rental basis.  We strive to maintain all our equipment in top notch condition to ensure that your tent rental is a total success and that as a client you are completely satisfied.

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